Ponowne spotkanie przedstawicieli ER-WCPT w Lipsku w 2019 r.

W dniach 16-18 marca 2017 roku w Lipsku odbyła się kolejna edycja targów “Therapie Leipzig”. W ich trakcie odbyło się spotkanie przedstawicieli Regionu Europa Światowej Konfederacji Fizjoterapii. Dziś (9 maja) na ręce Prezesa PTF, dr. Marka Kiljańskiego wpłynęła informacja podsumowująca o targach i mającym miejsce spotkaniu członków WCPT-ER. Jednocześnie Prezes PTF został zaproszeny na następne spotkanie, które odbędzie się w 2019 roku, jak zwykle w marcu.

Dear Mr Kiljanski,

just a few weeks ago therapie Leipzig 2017 ended with an outstanding result. We experienced an all-time high with a leap in growth of visitors and exhibitors. This year around 16.100 trade visitors (2015:15.300) came from all over Germany to attend the so far largest trade show in its history (354 exhibitors from 11 countries) to inform themselves about the most relevant innovations in the sector. About 3.100 congress participants (2015: 2.850) made use of the broad spectrum of the congress programme for further education purposes in the fields of medical rehabilitation and prevention.
The numbers prove that therapie Leipzig established itself as the leading national trade show for medical rehabilitation especially for physiotherapists.

The WCPT regulars’ table, which was organised by German Association of Physiotherapists (ZVK), together with the Leipziger Messe GmbH, was a great success among the associations which took part. The lively discussion showed that there is an ongoing interest in meeting with other associations from the European Region and that the exchange among each other is very important. Therefore Leipziger Messe will again support the organisation of the regulars’ table and hence provide a platform for exchange of ideas and experiences with the aim of discussing a central topic.

We are already inviting you to take part in the WCPT regulars’ table which will take place during the next therapie Leipzig 07 – 09 March 2019 and look forward to welcoming you in Leipzig.

Kind regards

i.V. Ronald Beyer i.A. Kathleen Landenberger
Project Director Project team